Who We Are

The Horsey Mums Collective was set up by Sarah Walkerden for mums like her who love horses. It is now run by Angela Chapman, who is also a mum who loves horses.

The Horsey Mums Collective was established to hopefully help inspire and encourage mums to keep their love-affair, and horse riding goals, alive. It is a place to network, ask questions and provide support on juggling kids, work, life and most importantly horses. Becoming a mum should not mean that our lives should stop. Horses are great for keeping us sane through the craziness of raising kids.

All horse-loving mums are welcome, whether you are a new mum, have young kids or your kids have left home. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to figure out how horses fit into your life now, looking to get back into horses after a break or a seasoned competitor successfully living a horsey-mum life. Regardless of where you are at in your journey our community is here to support you.

We strongly believe that horses and riding are good for the mind and the body. We also believe that mums who love horses shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time out to pursue their own hobbies and dreams.

There are many challenges when trying to juggle horses, life, work, and kids. So, we’re building a community to support each other, provide inspiration and offer tips that might help others.

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