I am declaring a war on Mothers Day gifts.

And get ready for some real heavy ranting and raving – cause I’m letting loose!

Because apparently, if you look at the major retail stores catalogues at the moment, all mothers apparently only ever want dressing gowns, pajamas and slippers. Or perhaps a frilly handbag, or a sewing machine (thanks for that Aldi!) or some florally tizzy notepaper!

ICK! Major ICK!

Surely, I am not the only mother out there who couldn’t give two hoots about flowers, silly notepaper, or yet another freakin dressing gown. I got one. Don’t need no more.

And believe me – I can’t sew to save my life so providing me with a sewing machine isn’t going to get you very far (sorry kids – I’ll buy your party costumes as I have no hope in hell of making them, nor do I ever wish to!). #badmum #notsorry

Instead, I’d quite like a new horse, preferably a Warmblood Stallion, imported from Germany!

Or perhaps a Holden Monaro GTO – in bright ferken yellow thanks!

Both guaranteed to make one hell of a statement and bring me oh so much pleasure.

If however those two items aren’t quite feasible…

Perhaps I’d like a luxurious tent for some bush-bashing and camping.

I might quite enjoy a pair of brand spanking new gumboots so my feet don’t get wet when I’m trudging through knee-deep mud in horse paddocks.

(‘Cause I like getting a little down and dirty!)

Or anything indeed that can be used either on or around a horse. Even if it’s simply two free hours to actually RIDE my horse!

Hell – buy me a formula one racing car experience! Wooooot – this mumma has the need for speed baby!

Why on earth do our major retailers presume that us mothers desire nothing more than frilly, silly crap?

Is that what society believes that mums want?
Are mums not interested in more out there in the world, than flannelette pj’s?

Is it just the retailers who get it wrong – or is that really the summary of what mothers are supposed to like? To BE like?

Hell, if Target or Kmart can’t actually come up with anything in their ranges other than this silliness, perhaps they should try selling a god damn business book or two – for us entrepreneur mums! At least give us some credit for being somewhat intelligent!

Seriously, if I see another dressing gown in another darn catalogue I’m gonna go out and start my own heavy metal band, just to protest!

Tell me I’m not the only ‘crazy’ mother who has interests and passions outside of dressing gowns?

Or am I just weird?

(Disclaimer: No offence intended to those amazing mums who DO like dressing gowns and flowers!)

Sarah xoxoxox

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