Being a mum is exhausting!

(Understatement of the century right?)

Whether you’ve got a screaming baby who won’t sleep longer than two hours at a time, or a pesky toddler who insists on waking up at 5am in the morning – the lack of sleep can really wear you down.

For me, it was my three year old daughter Sophie who just refused to settle last night. Being school holidays, her older brother Oliver had jetted off with his grandparents for a mini-holiday – and as they normally share a room – Sophie (who struggles to sleep at the best of times!) clearly was missing his company.

Whilst she conked out surprisingly early last night (8.20pm!) without much drama for once – two hours later I was silently tearing my hair out – as she came up with every excuse under the sun as to why she couldn’t possibly sleep without me lying (very uncomfortably) beside her.

I think it might have been close to midnight before she finally gave in again…

But it’s left me feeling pretty darn ordinary today – particularly with several busy businesses to run.

(All I can say here is – thank goodness for childcare – or I would not be surviving today!)

But it’s on days like these – that it’s really hard to summon any energy or enthusiasm to do anything with your horse at all. Right?

And some days – the best thing for us horsey mums to do – is to do absolutely nothing!

Sometimes you DO just need to honour what your body is telling you, have a quiet day at home, take it as easy as life will let you – and simply count down the hours till bedtime.

But did you know that you can draw energy from your horse?

And that sometimes – no matter how much effort it might seem to drag yourself out to see your horse – it can actually be well worth it?

Because hanging out with your horse can totally give you more energy!


Well, at the risk of sounding a little kooky here – many people do believe that horses have the ability to transfer their energy to us, through touch.

But if that ‘stretches your sensibilities’ a tad…

Even if hanging out with your horse just makes you feel that little bit happier – that ‘mood boost’ in turn will raise your energy levels.

Ta Da!

Just like magic…

And then you can use that ‘boost’ of energy – to tackle the rest of your day.

So if you’re really struggling to fight through that exhausted haze today – force yourself to step outside and go cuddle your horse.

Your ‘magical unicorn’ might just give you the ‘pick-me-up’ you so desperately need…


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