When you become a mum, suddenly, time is not your own.

Babies, toddlers and kids take a fair chunk of your time and attention each and every day.

Which clearly leaves LESS time for horses.

And that quite frankly, sucks!

But I have two thoughts to offer you here.

Number 1 – It’s OK to put horses to one side temporarily!

Please know, that there will be times in your life as a mum where horses have to take a back seat.

This might happen whilst you have a newborn, or when you go back to work, over winter, or if your partner has a particularly busy period of work.

And that’s ok. But know that it is TEMPORARY. You will survive it. And you will get back to riding and enjoying your horse/s at some point – when life settles down again.

So long as your horses daily needs are met – he will be just fine playing happily in his paddock during this time.

Number 2 – Recognise when it’s time to MAKE THE TIME For Horses!

Once you start getting more serious about wanting to ride and get back in to horses – this is where you must MAKE TIME.

As a mum – there is always a million things to do. Or a million things we are expected to do.

But there comes a time, where one must put ones foot down – and say ‘Today, I am taking some time for me and my horse!’.

And I so get that it’s not always that simple. It can be really darn hard.

But you need to find a way to squeeze in that horsey time that is so necessary for your own sanity – or you will become miserable.

So, chat to hubby. Talk to your mum. Enlist your friendly neighbour next door. Or investigate child care options.

Find a way, to snaffle even just one single hour per week – away from your child/ren – to spend with your horse.

And you DO NOT need to feel guilty about asking for (or demanding!) this time.

Us mums deserve time out – time to be us – and time for horses.

So go make it happen!

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