Mothers are awesome at feeling guilty.

Guilty that the house is a mess.

Guilty that we yelled at our child.

Guilty that we ate that last chocolate biscuit.

Guilty that we chose to spend a glorious 5 minutes drinking a hot coffee on the couch – rather than picking up the toys from the floor.

But I am here to tell you – that it‘s time to stop it.


The world will not stop if the dishes don’t get done.

The sky will not fall in if you choose to go for a nice walk – instead of cleaning the house.

And the Apocalypse will not suddenly manifest in front of your eyes – if you take some god damn time – away from your family – to RIDE YOUR HORSE!

Mums deserve time out – they deserve to feel valued, appreciated and to have nice things happen to them.

So repeat after me…

I am a GREAT mum – AND I DESERVE To have some time to ride my horse – IN PEACE!


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