Are you dreaming big enough?

Do you believe that anything is possible? That you CAN DO whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of doing with your horse? Between the daily grind as a mum – and everything you have to get done – have you lost sight of the bigger picture? Do you dare to dream big? No?...

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How To Get Energy From Your Horse

Being a mum is exhausting! (Understatement of the century right?) Whether you’ve got a screaming baby who won’t sleep longer than two hours at a time, or a pesky toddler who insists on waking up at 5am in the morning – the lack of sleep can really wear you down. For...

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‘Go ride your horse – I got the kid’

You know that mind f*ck as a mum, where by someone says ‘Go ride your horse – I got the kid’. And you do really want to ride – but somehow you feel guilty about actually taking that time to ride. Your friend, your mum, whoever that amazing angel is who has come to...

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Help – I Have No Time For Horses!

When you become a mum, suddenly, time is not your own. Babies, toddlers and kids take a fair chunk of your time and attention each and every day. Which clearly leaves LESS time for horses. And that quite frankly, sucks! But I have two thoughts to offer you here....

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Drop The Guilt Mumma!

Mothers are awesome at feeling guilty. Guilty that the house is a mess. Guilty that we yelled at our child. Guilty that we ate that last chocolate biscuit. Guilty that we chose to spend a glorious 5 minutes drinking a hot coffee on the couch – rather than picking up...

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