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Reclaim Your Confidence!

It’s natural to be a little afraid of a horse that’s been out of work for as long as you have. Plus, you’re responsible for teeny humans now. You’ve got be to sensible. We’ll help you work through your fear of riding and keep it safe.

Simplify Your Horse Care!

We’ve got the plan to transform your horse feeding + care regimes for swift simplicity. We’ll cut your time in half, making it easier than ever. And leaving you with more time to ride.

Children Welcome!

Get your kids involved early and bridge your two worlds. We’ve got an extensive ideas library from the experiences of real mums who have gone before you. Bring the kids and enjoy yourself. They’ll have fun too, promise!

Discover Simple Strategies To Get Fit & Healthy To Ride!

Our easy approach to health and fitness will help you get that riding body back pronto. No wacky diets, protein drinks or gym memberships required.

Guilt Free and Loving It!

Horses are healthy and our biggest weapon against the mummy-blues. It’s absolutely essential to take time out for you and do something you love. We know your kids will benefit too.

Horse Training Strategies & Techniques!

Bring your horse back in to work – and develop a true connection and partnership – with our super simple horsemanship and horse training strategies to keep you safe and your horse happy!

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Heya! I’m Sarah. I caught the riding bug as a child, and it’s never left. After having kids, and taking an extended horse hiatus, I wasn’t quite feeling like myself any more. I was continuously frustrated and overwhelmed with life as a busy, working mum – and I needed to get back to being me (at least sometimes!). I knew it was time to get back on the horse to reclaim my sanity, whatever it took.

Easier said than done, right? Finding the time, energy and motivation to tackle horses again, as well as doing the best for my kids, among an already packed out schedule, seemed almost impossible.

My confidence and abilities were at an all time low after spending so much time out of the saddle.

There was one thing, above all else that really pushed me to get back out there. Support and encouragement from other mums who had figured out how to continue riding.

Like everything after you have kids, it all comes down to having a plan.

You’ll ride your horse again. And more often than you ever have before! No doubt about that.

And I can promise, that when you do take that time out to pursue your own passions – you’ll be a much happier mum and your family will benefit too 🙂

I really look forward to welcoming you in to our ‘Horsey Mums Tribe’ soon – and helping you fast-track your way back into the saddle (where you belong!), far more often.

Sarah Walkerden
Founder of the Horsey Mums Collective
Owner of One Stop Horse Shop
Author of The Savvy Horsey Mum: How To Juggle Kids & Horses Successfully

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I don't have much time - can this membership work for me?
Absolutely! There is no set time commitment needed for our membership. Our learning modules are short and concise, with valuable quick wins that you can implement as needed. Pick and choose the topics you need at any given point in time! We even have content which will help you SAVE and FIND MORE time!
Can I cancel my membership?
Yep – if you choose the monthly membership option, you can cancel at any stage. We don’t believe in locking you in to any restrictive contracts!
What do I get if I sign up?
You will get instant access to our entire online learning platform and all topics, at least one new learning module released per month (we are continuously growing and adding value!), access to our exclusive Members-Only Facebook group for ongoing support from our team – and other mums who love horses, just like you!
What can you actually help me with?
If you are a mum – who loves horses – we can help you! Whether you are battling a busy schedule and lack of time for horses, confidence and fear issues or horse training issues, we’ve got awesome content for you. In future, we’ll also be bringing in the expertise of specialists, to tackle specific health & fitness topics, baby and child topics, the more complex mindset and confidence training – and so much more!

Whilst it’s mainly beneficial for mums who have younger kids between 0 – 12 years old at the moment, it will still help even if your kids are a bit bigger too!

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