Do you believe that anything is possible?

That you CAN DO whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of doing with your horse?

Between the daily grind as a mum – and everything you have to get done – have you lost sight of the bigger picture?

Do you dare to dream big?


Well, maybe it’s time to try.

Fight for your right to dream!

As women, we have a massive tendency to slip in to ‘survival’ mode, with the aim of simply getting through each day.

We put everyone else first.

The kids, your partner, your family, your friends.

You do everything in your power to support those around you in their endeavours.

But what about what you want?

Do you long to be out on a two-hour exhilarating trail ride through the bush, each weekend?

Do you dream of getting out and into that Dressage arena again, and DANCING with your horse?

Do you crave the RUSH of flying over jumps?

Or simply the feeling of complete and utter FREEDOM, as you gallop up that hill?

Has the fast-pace of every day survival, gotten in your way?

Have you lost sight of you?

Mums need to dream. They need to set goals. And they need to live!

Is it time to take back control?

Is it time to believe in YOU again?

Anything is possible – even as a mum!

It’s time to dream big…

Time to TAKE that horse time you need.

To demand time out for you and your horse!

It’s time to live!

You’ll be a better mum – setting a better example for your kids – if you could just believe that anything is possible.

And if you continue doing what you love…

Dream big – and go after it!

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